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2020 40fyd+ Fab Award Recipient Miko Branch

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Under the tutelage of her African-American father, Miko Branch was raised to be an entrepreneur. Influenced by her Japanese mother and fascinated with her childhood beauty idols (Cher, Donna Summer, and Chaka Khan). Miko learned to appreciate and pay close attention to everything that was beautiful. As she grew, she merged her love of beauty with her entrepreneurial spirit and in more than almost two decades she opened the now famous Miss Jessie’s Hair Salon together with her sister, Titi.

Thereafter, circumstances and fate intervened and transformed Miko from a successful stylist to a style innovator and tastemaker.

Miko And Titi revolutionized and revitalized the entire hair care market by being the first to develop original and ground breaking hair products designed to enhance and enrich every type of textured curly hair for people of every ethnic background. They named the product line after their do-it-yourself and fiercely independent paternal grandmother – Miss Jessie. Miko’s finger print is evident in every aspect of the Miss Jessie’s brand from the packaging and marketing to the colors and smells of the award winning products, including favorites like Baby Buttercreme, Pillow Soft Curls, Curly Pudding, Quick Curl and newest addition Leave In Condish and Multi Cultural Curls. Join 40fyd+ on Facebook at 7:00pm on December 12th for our virtual awards show honoring Miko and other incredible 40 plus women!

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