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2021 40fyd+ Fearless Award Recipient Rochelle Herring

Rochelle Herring is a social innovation designer and advisor with expertise in creating compelling visions, mission statements, and strategic plans for social entrepreneurs and philanthropists. She is a Senior Program Officer for the Wallace Foundation and her impressive career has involved the creation and implementation of ground-breaking social initiatives for renown organizations such as: The National Center on Education and the Economy and The New Jersey Performing Arts Center to name a few. She worked on pivotal projects for the Atlanta public school system funded by the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation and also worked with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as consultant.

But while advancing the mission vision of large scale organizations, Rochelle was in a serious car accident that left her in unbearable pain and physical complications. Between surgeries, physical therapy and other treatments, Rochelle at times felt she was on a never ending cycle of medical complications. However, she took the opportunity to continue her work, offering her skill set to women entrepreneurs and young people who needed help in guiding their career trajectories. She also shifted her focus to her own creative projects and the many ideas she was developing over the years. The result? Rochelle, produced 3 plays with Luna Stage in 2021: "Grief, Rose Quartz and Commercial Break."

Through her long journey back to physical health, which continues today, Rochelle attributes her perseverance to faith, sisterhood and positive thinking. She remains focused on her goal and ultimate vision of professional coaching for entrepreneurs.

Rochelle is a "Spelman Woman" that holds a doctorate of Education and a Master of Education from Harvard University Graduate School of Education, a Master of Education from Columbia University, and a Master of Arts from New York University.

Rochelle resides in NJ with her husband Stephen and three beautiful children Sophie, Simone & Stephen.

Join us as celebrate Rochelle, the 2021 40fyd+ Fearless honoree on Facebook Live on Dec. 30th at 7:00pm.

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