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Beaty for 2021

40fyd+ Beauty Director Andrea Fairweather -Bailey stays camera ready with fresh and functional beauty looks for the 40 plus woman. The looks she's created via her facial chart system, which helps women achieve stunning make-up looks on their own, are always flawless, natural and flattering.

Here Andrea is wearing the NEW KAT MAMA Face Chart (matched with MINI Set Makeup Brushes),clean face with GLOW KIT, lashes, RIPTIDE eyeshadow as the eyeliner,

set brows with BROW FIXX , a swipe of SHOW OUT glitter lipgloss and (two pumps) of SETTING SPRAY to seal your work, make it last and allow your skin to breathe.

The Fairweather Faces Cosmetics line is a stunning collection of vivid colors, smooth textures and high quality accessories like the Pro-brush system and complimentary face charts. Recreate this look or one of many at (

Next month Andrea will talk with us about how she developed this incredible line and how she holds five patents for her products as a beauty expert with over 25 years of experience.

Stay tuned.

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