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Celebrating My Sister...

Last month my friend and business partner, Andrea Fairweather-Bailey turned 50. Since we started 40fyd+ years ago, we've talked about this milestone; how we would celebrate, what we would feel and how it would impact our sense of purpose as we move into a more sophisticated phase of life. Andrea and I have been friends for over 43 years. During our friendship we've celebrated each others successes in the arts, adventures in entertainment and experiences in television production and now as partners in an extraordinary media platform for 40plus women. Over the years I watched Andrea blossom into a seasoned, no-nonsense business woman. While still in her twenties she created Fairweather Faces, Traveling Beauty Services-the very first of its kind. Her commitment and dedication to her business and craft has made her one of the most talented make-up and beauty experts in the business. She is the first African-American lead make-up artist for the #1 Morning News Show in the country-Good Morning America and is the proud owner of her own make-up line Fairweather Faces Cosmetics. She is the Beauty Director for our brand 40fyd+ and it is an honor working with her to create a platform by which to celebrate women 40 and over in the areas of beauty, lifestyle and inspiration. I need to celebrate my sister in her new "50 space" because she is inspirational and always celebrating others. She is the friend that treats your dreams as if they were her own, all the while protecting your artistry and emotional investments. In celebration of my sister-friend, I applaud her ambition, her faithfulness and her creative brilliance. There is so much to learn from her journey and I can't wait for her to share her path to 50 with all of you. - Enid:)

Enid Dillard (L) & Andrea Fairweather-Bailey (R)

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1 Comment

Jul 24, 2019

AWWWW Happy Belated Birthday sweetie.

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