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Updated: May 1, 2019

Our brand is big on fortification, especially for women 40 and up; the inspiration for our tongue and cheek name. Feeling fortified is essential to how we move through our lives because we balance so much responsibility as mothers, wives, daughters, single moms, friends, sisters , bosses and more. When we turned 40 and started talking to other women turning 40, we realized there was a distinct pattern. Many of us needed rejuvenation, many needed reinvention, but most of all we found we needed to feel purposeful. That purpose could not root itself in our responsibility to others but to ourselves. "Were we honoring the gifts the we were given to reach out higher purpose?"

Many of us just wanted to be sure that at this defining moment in our lives, were we standing in our truth. This means more to us than anyone could know, because more than ever we are looking at where we are and ultimately where we want to be. We created this platform to encourage women to do just that, figure out where you really want to be and if your current life is fulfilling your expectations. We know that the process can be a long lengthy one for some and very crystalized and defined for others. Whatever your process, take it, embrace it, spend time alone to develop it. We have earned the right to be everything we want to be. So as you embark on that process of self reflection, do it with us.

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