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Guiding Our Daughters Towards Healthy Relationships

"Everyday we see evidence that the role of men at home, at work, and out in the the world is disintegrating. Too many males abuse the power they have. Often those males grew up without healthy role models, and so, while they look like men they act like boys. And many of us are caught up in the shifting cultural ideals about manhood, unsure of how to be a man with both strength and humility." - Dondre' Whitfield

I saw an episode of Male vs, Man months ago as I scrolled through Facebook. I recognized Dondre' Whitfield as he portrayed one of my favorite characters, Remy Newell, on the hit TV show "Queen Sugar". In this episode he was joined by a fellow actor and they spoke comfortably and casually about their ascension to manhood. While Dondre' and his guest found commonality in many deficiencies as young men, they spoke just as openly about their desire to commit to self improvement and to become men of service. Just watching these two brothers talk so openly about their growth was humbling to me. It reminded me of why 40fyd + was created, to inspire and elevate women to be their best selves.

I envisioned the brands merging to create platforms of conversation that would benefit 40plus moms, daughters and girlfriends. I also imagined how the conversation would benefit couples married and/ or dating to better understand how self-improvement impacts both sides of the partnership. 40fyd+ Beauty Director Andrea Faiweather-Bailey

happened to be a good friend of Dondre's and before I knew it our Mothers & Daughters event on July 29th was created. We urge any woman with a young daughter to participate in this zoom platform, as Dondre' will discuss and share his personal experiences and that of others, to help give us ladies a better understanding of what real manhood is. I can't wait to

share this with all of you.

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