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Hitting Re-set

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

There will be many times we find the need to recalibrate ourselves, especially when we enter or 40's and 50's. We'll start to notice that things that used to work for us do not meet our current needs, and that realization requires us to re-evaluate priorities and life goals. The beauty of this period is that we learn slowly but surely that prioritizing ourselves is not selfish or indulgent but completely necessary. It will require saying no and being unavailable at times. It will also require addressing the things that you need to improve for a better quality of life, but most importantly, it will require you spend a wealth of time alone.

Recalibration involves introspection. They go hand in hand in effort to be truthful about what we need to change and why. That recalibration will require a quiet space you can sit peacefully and be one with your thoughts and feelings. It will take quite a few visits to this space, for some weeks and for others a few months. There is no time limit to your individual process but it is something that you should look forward to with a satisfying ritual attached, a warm cup of tea, a journal or your favorite album. When we get to a place in our lives where we have a wealth of self history to evaluate, it becomes critical to start looking at preservation and all the things that will help us live our best spiritual, professional and personal lives.

So how do you begin? And how do you know you need to hit re-set? If you are mentally and physically fatigued and feel as though you are catering to every need but your own-that is a re-set moment. If you are finding that you are under appreciated at work or in a personal relationship where you have hit an emotional deficit-that is a re-set moment as well. Most importantly, if you feel that you are not where you want to be in your life and desire something more, start with the process of re-setting, There is so much birthed from the process that is not only revealing but cathartic. Sometimes you reveal a desire you never knew you had because you had time to actually think only about yourself. So if you have been hoping for a change of pace and a new vision for yourself, unplug from everyone, tune out as much as possible, grab your tea and enjoy finding the new you.

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