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Igniting Your Dreams To Reality

A Message from one of our 40fyd sisters, Kimberly D. Givens

Kimberly D. Givens, CEO, CTACC Pilot Light Coaching

Hey You!

Are you ready for your abundance? Are you ready to have the life of joy and happiness you imagine? Have you wanted to do just this one thing and have not been able to? Are you ready to declutter and create space for abundance?  What is Abundance? What relationships are you struggling with?

Over some time now, I've witnessed people holding onto stories which created a belief that prevented one to understand their true power.  We all have the power to BE WHAT'S WANTED AND NEEDED in the world.  It's about Forgiving and Letting Go, Allowing yourself grace, Setting intentions to Keep it moving.  This is what my book talks about. Acknowledging your stories, and deciding to allow yourself grace to have the abundance we are all divinely destined to have.   So let's get started with one way of being to get you started by being "urgent" to get you registered today.  

Join me Sunday June 23, 2019 2:30pm to 6pm

320 So. Harrison St./ Community Room

East Orange, NJ

Investment: $89  Go to

Thank you in advance for trusting me and I look forward to seeing you there.

I'm ready to light your way with my pilot light, 


Kimberly D. Givens, CEO, CTACC Pilot Light Coaching "Igniting Your Dreams To Reality"

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