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Self Care=Self Love

I had to learn the hard way how important it is to care for myself. I had to learn how to listen to my body when it could no longer go on fumes and lack of sleep. I had to learn how to listen to my spirit when it was broken and needed time for healing and restoration. Most importantly, I had to learn when it was imperative to protect myself from the unnecessary demands of family, friends and colleagues. In simpler terms, I basically learned how to say no to them and yes to me. The days of putting my well-being on the line to fulfill over the top tasks is over. Instead, opting to be as efficient and effective as I can be while staying true to "realistic" goals is where I currently reside; and that space feels extremely good. I can feel the gratitude of my being manifest into a clearer mind, a more energetic spirit with time to dedicate to my own self improvement and growth. I've learned that being that "go to person" can be a detrimental designation, that can engulf you like full blown storm. Caught in the moment of the "crisis" we are whipped away into savior mode trying our best to deliver our best selves. We get so caught up, blown away and so far removed from our own sense of self that before you know it, it's as if we have drifted into a space we don't even recognize. Usually coming into our 40's and 50's help us navigate away from this and "no" becomes way easier, almost a way of survival and self protection. Self care simply equals self love and in the end, allows us to be our best selves before giving to anything to anyone else.

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