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Spring Spaces

At 40fyd+, we believe in creating safe spaces, especially as it pertains to personal space. Making your home your haven is an important self-care component, one that impacts mood and motivation.

This Spring, transform your space into the comfortable oasis with a few small decor elements that are easy, affordable and fun! Remember small changes make big differences in a space and they don't need to break the bank. To refresh your space, start with these three basic tips:

Area Rugs: Start with a great area rug, one that has good texture and helps ground your space. Don't be afraid to be bold with your choice, as this will ground the center of your room and should be eye-catching and complimentary. For those who fear rug maintenance, there are many options for washable rugs that are high quality, subtle and stylish.

Throw Pillows: Compliment your rug (or vice versa) with throw pillows that have a variety of textures and colors. Usually people choose solid colors to be safe, but we strongly recommend fewer solids and more textured pillows to add a level of visual interest and sophistication to your room.

Greenery: Lastly, incorporate greenery, plants of all types make a huge impact in a room. We personally like larger scale plants that make a statement and help define corners or window spaces. Faux plants are great for this purpose, especially for those who do not have a green thumb. If plants are not your forte, consider various types of foliage such as dramatic branches, dried flowers or pampas grass.

Don't forget, compliment your space with the things you love and that reflect your personality. Your space should not only be comfortable, peaceful and functional, but unique and most importantly an extension of you.

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