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The Happy Choice...

Updated: May 2, 2019

How many of us are waiting for "that thing" to happen before we can really be happy. Sometimes we're so focused on the future goal that it becomes extremely hard to focus on the incredible accomplishments we've made thus far. The goal could be a new home, a promotion, buying that car you've always wanted, but ultimately this is the art of weighing happiness on when and if "that thing" will arrive. The thing is, we don't really know when that will be. We don't really know if when it arrives it will really be what we wanted. We really have no idea what our ultimate happiness is based on until it presents itself in our lives. Ultimately, happiness is an inside job, it's a choice. While we wait to give ourselves permission to enjoy our process, we are missing so much along the way. We are all guilty of this very thing but as we mature and grow, we realize more than ever that happiness really can't wait. It impacts our health, our peace of mind and our ability to stay focused. It will mobilize us or debilitate us according to our thought process. It can cripple our very efforts to become better as we perceive things becoming worse. Make the happy choice and keep moving towards your light!

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