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The Highlight of Women's History Month- (March Re-Cap!)

We are so very proud that one of our favorite women's history pioneers is our very own Andrea Fairweather-Bailey. This incredible women has dedicated her career to beauty, wellness and inspiration, lending guidance and support to countless women annually.

Before "Glamsquad" was a popular concept, Andrea Fairweather founded the first beauty mobile service, Fairweather Faces Beauty in 1997. The unique traveling beauty grooming company caught fire quickly, offering a wide range of services including make-up, nails hair and massage therapy. Fairweather Faces paved the way for this ground breaking "mobile" beauty module and has been going strong ever since. Additionally, Andrea Fairweather is the first African-American woman to serve as key make up artist for Good Morning America and owner of several beauty patents attached to her popular Fairweather Faces Cosmetics.

Her patented color-coded system helps guide customers to re-create make-up designs handpicked by Andrea herself. "The idea came about eight years ago with my clients who consistently watched me apply the make up in the mirror, beg me to create something they could follow. At that time, no one really focused on the teaching aspect of make up. "

This revolutionary system has helped many women and young girls master the make-up application process seamlessly and is bi-product of the passion and integrity Andrea has put behind her work.

She is an inspiration for women in beauty everywhere and continues to inspire, create and produce beauty and motivational products that inspire and uplift women. You can see Andrea every Saturday on her "Sip& Shop" beauty show Live on Facebook & IG.


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