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The Light We Carry: Michelle Obama & Oprah on Netflix

For those of you who have not yet purchased Michelle Obama's new book "The Light We Carry", this special currently streaming on Netflix, is all the inspiration you'll need. The 80-minute special, which is partially produced by the Obamas’ company, Higher Ground Productions, hits on so many critical aspects: our struggle through COVID and after, the intricacies of marriage, the importance of friendship and our ongoing evolution as women to name a few.

While filmed in front of a massive audience on the final stop of her tour, the conversation was intimate, cozy and extremely relatable.

What is most engaging about the conversation is Ms. Obama's candid nature. Her willingness to share her struggles and moments of self-doubt, made for such an authentic discussion, and helps us all realize that we are all incredible works in progress; this applied to relationships and marriages as well.

She shared candid advice from her unique perspective of a 33-year marriage to former President Barack Obama. She has been honest about having difficulty during a 10-year stretch in the relationship, which coincided with the birth of their two daughters. "You are going to hit on some hard times and if you are married for 30 years and you have 10 bad ones, I'll take those odds." She stated.

She also discussed the process of having to end relationships with certain friends after her move to the White House. Oprah comments, “I remember you said, lost oxygen, couldn’t make the climb.” But Ms. Obama also stressed the importance of having a strong "kitchen table", a "safe place" where you can gather with your close friends and release frustrations and rejuvenate. She stressed the important aspect of keeping old friends close but staying open to new friendships; something that we dismiss very often as we age and mature.

The conversation, which at times was emotional and equally comedic, opened up to social/political issues and the climate of the current times we are living in. Ms. Obama shared that the idea for writing the book came from people asking for guidance in these uncertain times. "The light we carry is in all of us," she said, "It’s our responsibility to share that light. Going high begets more of it. That’s why we do it.”

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