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The Time to Fortify...

While we are sequestered in our spaces, awaiting a swift and seamless restoration of our lives, many have decided to make this time really count. Social media overflows with motivated content from those who are planning entrepreneurial explosions, business breakthroughs and ways by which to climb to the top of of the ladder once our hectic paces

are re-engaged. However, as someone who has been working from home to support the needs of front line workers, my daily hours are longer and more arduous than ever. There are days I start working at 8:00 am and realize I had not moved from my position, not even to eat, until well after 3:00pm. Days can sometimes merge together and time just seem to slip away, and I see clearly how this new dynamic can easily become a pattern of self-infliction. And while many can lend time to these incredible quarantine goals, I simply would like to take care of myself-for real. I feel like this is the time for fortification (the entire purpose of this "40fyd" brand), becoming stronger, healthier and clearer for the return to normal we all praying for. And so that has become my quarantine goal, having an efficient work day with time set aside for my self preservation. This includes exercise, clean eating, a vitamin and supplement regimen and a relaxing bath at the end of my day. That may include a good movie, book or on-line musical experience to break the monotony. For me these are critical needs. Somehow I feel the return to normalcy won't be normal at all and will demand so much more mental and emotional energy to move through; things will change and so will we. As such, the fortification is as much for now as for the future, that will demand we be increasingly self-aware and introspective. I want to be ready for that moment, as that preparation I know will lead me to the most meaningful advancements I could imagine.

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