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First Step-Protest. Next Step-Invest!

I, like many others, have been all in my feelings because, once again, more black people were killed by the police. So many I can’t keep up anymore. I get people want to protest but I feel like people tend to protest and then soon forget and we’re right back where we started until the next death. My solution is to help black people create systems of wealth that will help us for generations. I believe if we create our own sources of income, we won’t feel so helpless when it concerns the oppressive system we live under.

I didn’t have a lot of free time during the pandemic because I was still working from home but I did take time to learn about buying stocks. I’m a writer and will be the first person to tell you how much I hate math but I do have a deep interest in stocks. Go figure. I’m sharing what I learned so you gain some knowledge for self-empowerment. It’s very basic but hopefully, it will stir something inside of you that will put you on the path to increased knowledge and generational wealth.

When selecting stocks:

  1. Start small. Buying stocks is no longer a rich man’s game. Anyone with even $5 can purchase a fractional share of stock. When you have enough money, you can start purchasing whole shares of stocks. I started buying stocks with Cash App and moved to invest with the Robinhood app when my interest increased and I started learning how to pick stocks.

  2. Buy what you love. I started off picking stocks according to what I love. That’s still my first criterion although other factors play into selecting stocks. I’ve been wearing Nike since I was in middle school so I bought one Nike stock. I shop at Target way too much so I decided to purchase a few shares of their stock. If you’re going to buy your favorite things, you might as well invest in the company’s taking your money.

  3. Buy low. I started purchasing stocks at the end of March when we were in the midst of the pandemic. Stock prices were very low. Right now the market is moving up since the reopening so almost all of my stocks have increased in value. Timing is everything.

  4. Be Patient. Make sure you hold onto your stocks for at least a year after purchase unless you will have to pay capital gains taxes. Patience is a virtue when buying stocks. You want your money to have a chance to grow. This isn’t the lottery.

  5. Owning stocks makes you an owner. Owning stock gives you a chance to own a piece of a public company. Common stock owners have the right to vote at shareholder meetings, receive dividends (if offered) and even influence a company’s management. That’s power.

Interest rates are at less than zero percent right now. Many people have money sitting in their savings accounts making no money. Leaving money sitting in the bank at zero percent only benefits the bank. Anything above your six-month emergency fund should be reinvested somewhere. Real estate, stocks. Something.

This is a very basic start to buying stocks. There’s so much more to learn but if you start here, hopefully, you’ll develop an interest in terms like P/E ratio, market cap, and dividend/yield or even learn about stock options.

Protest all you want but make sure you get your money right by investing and supporting black businesses. These protests are just as much about the lack of economic wealth in black communities as well as police brutality and prejudice. It’s ok to work for someone but have other streams of income so you control your wealth.

Helpful Information on Stocks

  1. (Great for people who have a little experience purchasing whole shares of stocks. No commissions means you don’t have to pay to purchase stocks.)

  2. (Great for the total beginner to buying stocks but provides minimal stock selection information. No commissions to pay either.)

  3. (Great place to research companies before purchasing stocks and it’s free.)

Written by Rosalind Ross, Writer, Blogger and 40fyd+ Contributer.

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