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The 40fyd+Awards 2021

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Join us on December 30th for the 2021 40fyd+ Awards, live on Facebook @ 7:00pm. The 40fyd+ platform was created to celebrate 40 plus women and honor those making incredible strides in the arts, business and personal development. This year we are so excited to introduce our honorees. They are women of purpose who are unapologetically fierce, talented and steadfast to be the best at what they do while making an impact in the world.

This year's Phenom Award goes to actress Aunjanue Ellis, who most recently starred with Will Smith in the hit movie King Richard as Oracene Price; the mother of Venice and Serena Williams. What we love about Aunjuane is her incredible commitment to her craft and the representations of Black women she brings to the screen. Her body of work is conscious and captivating, as her portrayals are rich in familiar nuances that are strong, proud and ultimately beautiful. Her many successful works include: The Book of Negroes, Quantico, If Beele Street Could Talk, Love Craft, When They See Us and The Clark Sisters to name a few. She is also a staunch activist who uses her visibility to message important needs for change, especially in her home state of Mississippi. She is everything the Phenom mission represents and we are so proud to honor her with this most deserved award.

Rochelle Herring is a social innovation designer and advisor with expertise in creating compelling visions, mission statements, and strategic plans for social entrepreneurs and philanthropists. She is the Senior Program Officer for the Wallace Foundation and her impressive career has involved the creation and implementation of ground-breaking social initiatives for renown organizations such as: The National Center on Education and the Economy, The New Jersey Performing Arts Center. She worked on pivotal projects for the Atlanta public school system funded by the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation. She also worked with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as consultant to special projects.

Rochelle continued her intense focus in social innovation while overcoming some of the most challenging health issues of her life. Her ability to pivot and strategize her recovery while adjusting her priorities and taking care of her family is what the Fearless mission is all about. But most importantly, her faith filled heart and positive spirit was unwavering during these difficult times. She is an inspiration and an example of positivity and hope. We are excited to share her story of inspiration with everyone.

Eda Greene is 40yd's Fab Honoree for 2021. Eda is a trainer, posing coach, NPC judge, and a professional bodybuilder-- all at 54! No matter what life challenges or obstacles she may face, she uses fitness as a motivator to reach her ultimate goals and to continue on her path as an influencer in fitness training. She also makes time to assist up and coming competitors in reaching their full potential and is currently preparing for her professional bodybuilding debut. Eda has received numerous awards for her commitment to wellness and continues to strive in this space as the CEO and founder of the "Greene Physique". Her journey represents the importance of wellness and self-care and is synonymous with the 40fyd+ Fab mission.

Help us celebrate these incredible sisters and bring a celebratory libation of choice to our virtual party that will be short, sweet and right on time for the New Year! See you there:)

left-right: Aunjanue Ellis, Rochelle Herring & Eda Greene.

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